10 first landmarks in human history

The first strike, the first US president died at the office . were the first landmarks in human history.

Discover the first landmarks in human history

Roman emperor Augustus Caesar is known to have created the first road map in the world.It took nearly 20 years for this map to be completed.This is one of the first milestones in history.

The first strike in the world was recorded on November 14, 1152 BC in Egypt.This event was recorded in papyrus.

The first watch in the world is called Nuremberg Egg (Egg Nuremberg).This product was designed by Peter Hemlein of Germany in 1509.

James Cook was the first to discover the Hawaiian Islands and was the first person to travel around New Zealand in 1773.

William Henry Harrison was the first US president to die in his office in 1841. President Harrison was also the White House boss in office for the shortest time, 32 days.

Victoria Woodhall was the first woman to run for president in American history in 1972.

William Kemmler was the first death row in history to be executed with an electric chair in 1891.

Cray-1 is the first supercomputer in the world.It was designed by Seymour Cray computer architect.At the time of the appearance, Cray-1 was the world's fastest computer.

John Glenn was the first American in history to fly into Earth orbit in 1962. He made history for the US cosmology.

In September 2010, the Oscar cat in England is the world's first prosthetic animal.Previously, this cat had a terrible accident and lost his hind legs.