10 years from now there will be new drugs to control cancer cells

According to the British Cancer Research Institute, this drug slows or blocks the growth of cancer cells.

Professor Paul Workman, Executive Director of the Institute of Cancer Research (ICR), said the team was excited about the new drug. They expect drugs to help solve the biggest challenge in cancer treatment and research on cancer biology is drug resistance.

Picture 1 of 10 years from now there will be new drugs to control cancer cells
Professor Paul Workman said "drug resistance is the biggest challenge in cancer treatment".(Photo: Keith Larby / Alamy Stock Photo).

The new drug targets a molecule called APOBEC . This molecule is very important for the body's immune system. In more than half of cancer types, it is attacked, accelerating the resistance of cancer to cancer.

According to the researchers, like antibiotics, cancer can evolve and become resistant to the drugs used to treat today. Cancer cells that are not destroyed by chemotherapy will be adapted to form new tumors, metastases or fatal progression.

Therefore, ICR wants to focus on not only destroying cancer cells but also to block and destroy their evolutionary ability. The goal is to eliminate cancer and if it cannot be cured it can turn it into a manageable disease. Similar to the way HIV is being controlled by antiviral therapy.

It is expected that the drug will be released in the market in 10 years.

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