7 technologies are changing our world every day

Undeniably technology is changing our lives day by day, but do you realize their silent contribution?

Technology changes our daily life dizzily. In the last decade alone, technology has made our normal living day by day. Technology not only helps us access information more and more easily, but also creates concepts that never existed in the past.

On a large scale, technology helps humankind discover a myriad of new things in all areas. People have gradually expanded their knowledge horizon farther, in the universe, on the ocean floor, upstream of history, or even deep into the human body itself.

So what technology can we help us get? Let's take a look at the ways in which technology changes the world in the near future. Also see how rich our imagination is.

1. Artificial Intelligence and Robot

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Artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming more and more intelligent, they can accomplish more complex and even better jobs than humans. It is uncountable and not exaggerating, but it is clear that artificial intelligence will change every industry on the planet, from medicine to agriculture, from light industry to key industries.

While AI is a brain that makes judgments and processes, robots are the body created to help that brain work more realistically. Robots with mechanical arms will solve tons of jobs that are for thousands of workers or in dangerous places where people cannot trade off for health.

Let's take a look at the magic that AI can do. Perhaps you will be surprised but artificial intelligence is now able to diagnose the disease and offer a correct treatment, they learn a large amount of data about diseases and make quick judgments and rather than human doctor.

When artificial intelligence is loaded into thousands of faces, they will recognize each person even when viewed at different angles. This is practically applied to human resource work or crime prevention. AI also knows how to observe the weather and aligns ideal conditions for modern farms.

2. 3D Printing Technology

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The original 3D printing was the technology used to print components and parts for the auxiliary industry, but gradually it was applied to many different areas and played a major role in the life of we.

For many people, 3D printing is probably still something strange, but large corporations around the world have applied this technology to their products to help reduce costs and achieve higher efficiency. .

Adidas and Nike have released 3D printed shoe models, which use ultra-light and durable materials to create innovative shoes. Aprecia Pharmaceuticals has even printed human organs with this technology. Meanwhile, NASA said it will conduct 3D printing to build houses on Mars for travelers to stay at the red planet in the future.

The ICON company with the mission of "Changing the way people live" has started to print houses with 3D printing technology and even created a 3D printing community in Levitton.

In 2018, ICON built the first home in Austin, Texas, which took a lot of time to come up with ideas, draw blueprints, attract investment and attention from the press. Now houses are definitely built in just a few days and cost only $ 4,000.

3. Self-driving car

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Be prepared to be psychologically and do not be shocked to learn that in the next 10 years, unmanned cars will travel around the streets. Uber and Tesla are not big names in the self-driving car industry, but they are the transport giants that spurred the development of this technology.

Self-driving cars can make your trip boring and lose the opportunity to flirt with the driver, but in return, we will vacate one more seat to help transport the goods, to transfer the patient. become more convenient.

Using technology of artificial intelligence, self-driving cars not only start and surf the wheel on the road, but they also know the current traffic situation to provide the appropriate path, as well as stop the car in time. points to avoid traffic accidents.

4. Virtual reality technology (AR / VR)

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The development of techniques and graphics helps the game and cinema today become more true than ever. But not only stop at watching from the screen, virtual reality technology helps users get more real experience by playing the role of the game or the movie itself.

But beyond the need for entertainment, virtual reality technology is helping to train physicians more advanced in surgery, architects can observe the close-up of architectural works, greatly reducing the much cost compared to the previous practical way.

5. Unmanned aircraft (Drone)

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From mischievous boys to professional troops, the drone gradually becomes an indispensable item and serves a lot for our daily activities.

On a civil scale, drone helps to transport goods quickly because of avoiding road traffic jams, house and property management when observed from above, taking photos of the city in an unseen corner of the image .

On a larger scale, drones help rescue and humanitarian aid when natural disasters occur, as well as taking photos of potentially threatened natural areas, helping scientists promptly make plans.

6. Blockchain technology

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Blockchain is a new generation of information storage technology with very high security. Information is stored in individual blocks and linked together into chains. The chain of links of these blocks cannot be modified and cannot be stolen without being detected.

Thanks to extremely high security, this technology promises to be used for the purpose of storing important documents or handling high-value financial transactions. In recent years, blockchain has been applied to Bitcoin - a virtual currency that has created a fever in the technology community.

7. Big Data and applications

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Artificial intelligence wants to promote the ability to load a huge amount of data, from this database they will synthesize and analyze to make conclusions for situations. Tons of this data are gathered and called Big Data.

Big Data helps solve problems on a large scale, such as a city or even a country. AI will analyze and use algorithms to solve a series of problems with extremely high accuracy. This technology is expected to create a smart and e-government city in the future.

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