70 mysterious whales in Chile

Last year, the number of dead whales and drifted ashore in Chile reached 330 and this year this strange phenomenon has not stopped.

Picture 1 of 70 mysterious whales in Chile
70 mysterious whales in the island of Patagonia, Chile.

70 whales were found dead when they landed on Patagonia island , Chile a few days ago was asking big questions for the country's scientists. 7 months ago, 330 whales also washed Chile.

This whale is unlike the 330 whales that died in December . "These whales are smaller than the 2015 round," said the director of the National Fisheries Association, Jose Miguel Burgos.

The team will carefully investigate the surrounding area in the coming days, focusing on the cause of human death.

The government said the investigation would be much simpler because the bodies of these whales are still relatively intact.

Many scientists believe that the main cause of whales dying and flooding is due to the "red tide" phenomenon. Algae blooms or red tide indicate a natural phenomenon when the number of algae in the seawater suddenly grows, absorbs oxygen and emits many harmful substances to aquatic species.