Activating NK cells to increase the natural immune system for cancer patients

NK cells support cancer treatment by reducing tumors without harming the surrounding organs.

NK cells are short for natural killer cells , a type of lymphocyte (white blood cell) that helps protect the body from disease. Lymphocytes produced from the bone marrow, circulating in the circulatory system with the main function of detecting, removing tumor cells, virus infection.

NK cells are equipped with specialized capabilities, which help differentiate cancer cells from healthy cells, allowing them to destroy tumor cells without damaging their surroundings.

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Activating NK cells will help increase the natural immune system for cancer patients.

Like all other cells in the body, the number of imports also decreases with age. Therefore, if people find a source of natural NK cells, keep them active throughout their lives, cancer prevention and treatment will have more positive results.

Self-immune immune boosting therapy was successfully applied for the first time in Japan, now has over 10 countries applied, is present in many major hospitals in Vietnam. Accordingly, the doctors will isolate T cells, import them from patients, cultivate in the laboratory and transfer them to the patient's body, in order to strengthen the immune system. Clinical experiment and treatment results show that this method is effective for different types of cancer. Currently, cancer treatment includes a number of common methods such as chemicals, surgery, radiation therapy. - beaming. The methods all have certain effects but still have the potential of recurrent cancer cells.

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NK cells in the form of lymphocyte (white blood cells) help protect the body from disease.

This active ingredient is also capable of reducing the side effects of chemotherapy, radiation therapy, thereby, helping patients improve disease symptoms, limiting complications during treatment. Fucoidan supports improving metabolism, eliminating harmful substances, improving the environment in the body, balancing the metabolic function. Many studies show that the activation effect of NK cells of poly-saccharides in Fucoidan (active ingredient in brown seaweed) is significant for the prevention and support of cancer treatment.

Fucoidan can maintain the strength of natural NK cells, support the treatment of tumors by contributing to stimulate cancer cells to die faster, to support the prevention of new blood vessel formation and tumor growth, to prevent spread.