America: Discovered Megalodon shark teeth dominate the sea 3 million years ago

A diver discovers two teeth of Megalodon shark when searching the bottom of the lake in America.

According to the Daily Star, Anthony discovered the teeth of the extinct shark Megalodon while searching under the lake in Crystal River, Florida, USA in early May.

Megalodon sharks are scary prehistoric predators.

In addition to Megalodon's teeth, the diver also found teeth of the great white shark, short fin mako shark and 18 whale ear bones.

When he placed Megalodon's teeth next to the big white shark's teeth, Anthony found that the teeth of prehistoric sharks (18cm) were twice as large as the teeth of the great white shark (almost 9cm).

Anthony washed and dried the teeth before shooting the video, focusing on the signs showing their age. After posting to Instagram, the video received much attention."They look scary, " a user commented. Another humorous person: "Be careful when you dive under it, friend".

Megalodon sharks are predators that dominate the ocean about 2.3 to 2.6 million years ago. They are known for their enormous sharp teeth, which increase their effectiveness when hunting.

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