American launch secret spy satellite

Earlier in the week, the transport missile from the Wanderberg US air force base in California was launched into orbit a secret NROL 49 satellite, thanks to the US Delta IV rocket, the largest, over 100 rocket. m co-produced by the US Air Force and NASA.

Picture 1 of American launch secret spy satellite
NROL 49 was launched into space.(Photo:

To do this, the United States had to spend an estimated $ 100 million.

NROL-type satellites are unpublished military equipment, but everyone knows they are dedicated military satellites , of the largest mass in orbit. According to military agencies, NROL 49 weighs 8 tons.

The purpose of NROL 49 satellite is kept private, but according to experts, it has a network of the most modern radio receivers and very large antennas, hundreds of meters in diameter, flying in synchronous orbit. (geosynchronic) and collect national defense secret data. It is predicted, it is under the management of the US National Security Bureau.

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