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FIRST LOOK: Jeep Officially Debuts 2018 Grand Cherokee Trackhawk Ahead of New York

Jeep showed the 2018 Grand Cherokee Trackhawk before the New York Auto Show, revealing the Hellcat-powered SUV we've been waiting for.

Subaru Ascent SUV Concept Aims to Help Spread the Love

<p>Our clearest look yet at next seven-seat Subie</p>

Greenlight Capital's Einhorn explains why two GM stock classes would better serve investors

The two stock classes would give investors more choices, Greenlight Capital's David Einhorn tells CNBC.

How to buy the best electric car - Roadshow

There's a lot to consider before buying your first electric car. Let's look at your choices.

Tesla stock value overtakes Ford as Elon Musk disses short sellers

Pressure rises higher for smooth rollout of Model 3

Bob Lutz, the auto industry's 85-year-old bad boy, goes off on Elon Musk and President Trump

Former General Motors Vice Chairman Bob Lutz offers views of President Trump, Elon Musk, Tesla, autonomous driverless cars and more.

LAPD could begin using the world's first 'pursuit-rated' hybrid patrol car

The Los Angles Police Department could be among the first law enforcement agencies to use Ford's new "pursuit-rated" hybrid, the Police Responder Hybrid Sedan.

Uber says it didn't use secrets smuggled from Waymo

Uber told a federal judge it didn’t use stolen trade secrets for its driverless car project, and therefore the court shouldn’t force the company to stop that work.

Range Rover Evoque convertible is a fun, feathered fish

Range Rover now offers a convertible 4x4. Why?

2017 Honda Clarity: A hydrogen fuel cell car that delivers fun

Honda has finally brought its 2017 Clarity hydrogen fuel cell car to market, trailing the Toyota Mirais and the Hyundai Tucson. This fun-to-drive sedan was well worth the wait.s

Alfa Romeo's Giulia Quadrifoglio is a wolf in sheep's clothing

Alfa Romeo's Giulia is a fast, four-door luxury sedan. Does the world want this car?

First Look: Cadillac's plug-in CT6 luxury sedan

Cadillac has unveiled its first plug-in hydrid, a CT6 luxury sedan that hopes to rival similar hybrids from Mercedes, BMW and Porsche.des'

Tesla and Uber lag in driverless progress, study says; Ford is tops

Tesla topped Ford Motor in stock market value Monday, but a new study claims Tesla is eating Ford’s dust in the race toward driverless cars.

Finally, a way to keep a cool head on a motorcycle

Inventor Steve Feher has spent years developing the world's first air conditioned motorcycle helmet. For riders in hot-weather states where helmets are mandatory, this spells relief.

The Porsche Macan proves to be a sure-footed beast in the snow

How does the Porsche Macan perform in the snow? Here's a review.

Do car companies want Trump to trash emission standards? Maybe not.

Do automakers want to gut emission standards? Following Trump's announcement, the answer's not clear.

Robot cars — with no human driver — could hit California roads next year

California regulators eleased a proposal for a new set of regulations to govern the testing and deployment of driverless cars on public roadways.

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