Bad habits of parents hurt the liver and kidneys, endanger children

Antibiotics are a drug used to kill bacteria and microorganisms. But now antibiotic resistance is turning around, making antibiotics lose their effectiveness.

Antibiotics are a drug used to kill bacteria and microorganisms. But now antibiotic resistance is turning around, making antibiotics lose their effectiveness. Without control, some people die every 20 seconds because of antibiotic resistance.

People who are sick need surgery, because there are no antibiotics to treat infections.

We have shared notes of Assoc. Dr. Nguyen Tien Dung - Former Head of Pediatrics Department, Bach Mai Hospital on current antibiotic resistance status.

Self-procuring antibiotics for children to treat coughs, runny nose, parents "abetting" for resistant bacteria

Antibiotic resistance occurs in many cases and parents who took their children to the hospital before they all used antibiotics.

These cases have a similar "scenario" , that is to see the fever, cough, runny nose, parents instead of taking their children to the hospital, they arbitrarily buy antibiotics for their children to drink. In the past, when they were sick, they treated their children that way, but this time they did not stop taking medicine.

At the suggestion of the drug seller, they also changed to some "better, higher generation" antibiotics, and also more expensive. Only when the fever is high, does it take you to the hospital to make antibiotics for children with 7-8 years old who are resistant to all kinds of antibiotics.

With these cases, doctors are very hard to win life for children from the gods of death. Doctors have to change the treatment regimen, use a combination of higher-generation antibiotics, higher doses and expensive, expensive but sometimes failed to keep up, because the "golden time" has been lost. to treat illness.

The doctor was helpless to watch the patient leave without saving

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Assoc. Prof. Nguyen Tien Dung said about antibiotic resistance.

Antibiotics are a special form of antibiotics because antibiotics are made and classified into many types and groups, each of 1 antibiotic produced destroys certain bacteria and not an antibiotic that kills all the bacteria.

When using antimicrobial drugs to severe or mild illness, antibiotics should be used or how long should it take to take, drink or apply.

In particular, on the basis of pediatric patients, babies must use other births, other women use, other elderly people use. This applies to people who are completely healthy before and have just been ill.

For those who have other diseases such as liver, kidney, and other diseases that require antibiotics, they must be very attentive.

In order to produce a prescribed antibiotic, a doctor learns antibiotics for a very long time, not to mention that the doctor must be very experienced in detecting the level of mild illness, which bacteria cause new diseases. antibiotic menu. In short, even though being a doctor, prescribing is not easy.

A common type today that most mothers apply to that child is the last time they went to see a doctor for antibiotic A, the next time for B. It was their turn to get sick this time, the mothers would give out the prescription and then beat themselves. how to treat fever symptoms, how to cough and what medicine to apply.

Parents will give their children a few days of medication and will increase the dose.

The problem of increasing the dose in antibiotics, arbitrarily increasing or reducing the dose, arbitrarily cutting the drug, all that the doctor calls not adherence to treatment, so the majority of the disease is not cured, it is only due to self-assessment, not completely.

The disease is only clinically out of symptom, cough, fever but not bacteria, in the body there are bacteria surviving, because surviving disease can recur 1-2 days later, 1 week or 2 - 3 months later due to arbitrarily reducing the antibiotic dose, arbitrarily cutting the medication.

Prolonged use of antibiotics causes serious consequences

Antibiotics are considered as a group of drugs in addition to the therapeutic effects, which are harmful, only harmful or less harmful, first harming the liver and kidneys.

After entering the body, antibiotics are metabolized through the liver, excreted by the kidneys. If you do it every day, it's very harmful to your liver, kidney damage, not to mention important allergy complications. If your body is allergic to certain antibiotics, it is very allergic.

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Using antibiotics correctly is extremely important because antibiotics are special drugs.

Some people take the medicine at once, but there are also people 1-2 days after allergy. A mild allergy, severe rash, can cause anaphylaxis without immediate emergency can kill.

Second harm, when that antibiotic enters the body it not only comes to the place where it is sick but it also comes to the liver, brain, kidney, spleen, heart . if the drug is used for a long time to harm the whole body due to Side effects of antibiotics are prolonged and long-lasting.

So, the proper use of antibiotics is extremely important because antibiotics are special drugs , the use is only assigned to physicians, to train doctors for many years, the use of antibiotics is not easy for these countries. The world prescribes antibiotic selling by prescription.

Drug sellers must have a vocational certificate so we cannot use it ourselves even pharmacists are not allowed to sell without an application.

Countries have enacted antibiotics so that people can make good use of antibiotics to protect their health. Avoiding health effects, damage to the liver and kidneys and especially the use of long-term antibiotics to cause antibiotic resistance is an obsession of the medical industry worldwide.