Cа cао help improve memory

Drinking cocoa daily can improve the efficiency of intellectual workers, Swinburne University of Australia scientists said, according to ABC News.

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From the research results, scientists have come to the conclusion that flavanol compounds in cocoa improve spatial memory and accumulate information to continue processing later.

According to Dr. David Camfield, the lead researcher, thanks to flavanol, people have easily completed various memory exercises.

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Drinking cocoa daily can improve the effectiveness of mental activity.

During the experiment with the participation of 63 volunteers from the ages of 40 to 65, in a month, drink chocolate containing soft drinks every day. They are divided into 3 groups. Group 1 uses 500ml of soft drinks daily, groups of 2 - 250ml and group 3 only drinks soft drinks placebo (ie 'fake' drinks, with the same flavor). Then, they performed memory tests of all three groups under the same conditions, and compared their test scores before and after drinking soft drinks.

'During the test, we swept the volunteers' brains to see how the brain worked,' Dr Camfield added.

According to the authors, there is no difference in the reconstruction of the accuracy of other events or reflexes, but from the beginning to the end of the experiment, brain scans show other levels of brain activity. each other clearly. The forehead and nape of the forehead are less active in group 3 volunteers than in group 2.

The conclusion is that drinking cocoa drinks has helped people spend less energy and can still perform the same task. In other words, cocoa works to make people remember the test data about memory more easily.

However, scientists also note that in order to get accurate results, long-term studies should continue.