Cancer patients need only 6 radiation treatments thanks to new techniques

Radiotherapy for the first time deployed at Ho Chi Minh City Oncology Hospital helps head and neck cancer patients reduce 24 times.

Male patients born in 1989 were diagnosed with cancer of the cancer for each treatment, localized relapse. The results of pathological surgery are non-keratinized carcinoma cells .

Picture 1 of Cancer patients need only 6 radiation treatments thanks to new techniques
The patient used a positioning frame for local radiation therapy.(Hospital photo provided).

After consultation, doctors of Radiology, Radiation 1 and Radiation Technicians, HCMC Oncology Hospital performed radiotherapy (SBRT) for patients. This is the first case of the hospital deploying this technique with TrueBeam modern radiotherapy system.

Dr. Lam Duc Hoang, Head of Radiotherapy 3, said the patient was using a positioning frame to radiograph the tumor area with guided images.

With conventional techniques like before, cancer patients receive radiotherapy 30 times a day. If SBRT is applied, radiotherapy is shortened to 6 times.

In body radiotherapy, each dose is usually very high, focusing on the tumor but has little effect on surrounding benign tissue, highly effective, and less complications. This technique is indicated for cases where patients detect disease at an early stage and in case of relapse with a small tumor size.

The new radiotherapy system is equipped with a device to support modern breathing control during radiotherapy, to self-detect the location of the tumor movement to accurately radiate radiotherapy to the tumor. Radiotherapy patients in normal posture with physiological movements such as breathing, heart rate, movement of the abdomen, tissue perfusion . still achieve higher accuracy and effective radiotherapy than before.

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