Chocolate anti-aging can help U50 women as young as girls

British scientists develop anti-aging chocolate products that promise to make the skin of 50-year-old women as young as girls 20.

Esthecho , a chocolate product developed by the University of Cambridge, UK, can slow the appearance of wrinkles or sagging skin through strengthening antioxidants and boosting blood circulation, Telegraph today. reported. An 7.5g anti-aging chocolate contains antioxidant astaxanthin equivalent to a Alaska salmon slice and the amount of polyphenols against free radicals is 100 g of dark chocolate.

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Esthecho Chocolate can rejuvenate the skin of 50-60 years old women.(Illustration).

According to the manufacturer, Esthecho helps improve the skin structure below, making young women 50-60 years old as in the age of 20-30. Tests show after 4 weeks of eating chocolate against aging daily, volunteering There are fewer signs of inflammation in the blood, and the amount of blood supply to the skin tissue increases.

"We use the very same antioxidants that help maintain the yellow color in pink flamingos and pinks. When the clinical trial, we found that inflammation in the skin started to decline and many benefits on the tissue, 'said Dr. Ivan Petyaev, a former researcher at Cambridge University and founder of biotech company Lycotec.

According to Dr. Ivan Petyaev, each chocolate contains only 38 kcal, so it is safe for people with kidney disease. The product will be officially introduced at the Global Food Innovation Summit conference in London, England, next month.

However, health experts have been quite cautious about Esthecho and said that more extensive clinical trials should be conducted to demonstrate the powerful anti-aging effect of the new chocolate.

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Esthecho improves the underlying skin structure, making young women 50-60 years old as young as 20-30.

"There are many biological reasons to argue that some compounds are beneficial for slowing aging and preventing disease. But on the other hand, eating too much chocolate leads to more calories absorbed, resulting in obesity and performance. Overall results are lost, "said Naveed Sattar, professor of metabolic sciences at the University of Glasgow, UK.

Nutrition experts at the University of London, UK, also warned that previous tests have shown that astaxanthin works better when used directly on the face rather than through the gastrointestinal tract.