Chocolate helps children do math better

A recent study showed that chocolate helps the brain to solve calculations more quickly and accurately.

Picture 1 of Chocolate helps children do math better

In cocoa there is a group of substances that can increase blood flow to the brain, so that the brain performs calculations faster and more accurately.Photo: Telegraph.

Neuroscientists and neurologists at Northumbria University (UK) recruited 30 teenagers to learn about the effect of chocolate on mathematical performance. They were asked to do simple calculations before and after drinking cocoa water (cocoa beans are ingredients for chocolate products).

The results showed that most volunteers performed calculations faster and more accurately after drinking. However, the same thing does not happen when the research team asks volunteers to solve complex problems that require reasoning.

The test also showed that participants did not feel tired after performing calculations for an hour after drinking cocoa juice. "According to our research, students who drink cocoa or eat chocolate before entering the math room may benefit from it," said Professor David Kennedy, a member of the research team. , stated.

Kennedy has flavanol in the cocoa, a chemical group that can increase blood flow to the brain. Volunteers participated in the test put 500 mg of flavanol into the body. This is quite a large amount compared to the daily diet of most of us. According to scientists, flavanol is also present in many vegetables and fruits. Dark chocolate has a higher flavanol content than other chocolates.

"People who don't like chocolate can get flavanol from vegetables and fruits. The more vegetables and fruits you eat every day, the greater the benefits your brain will get in the long term," Professor Kenney added.