Close up of dead star

European astronomers have announced the image of a star about 3,300 light-years from Earth, emitting the last bright light before disappearing forever.

The striking image, which has been caught in the sights of the Southern European Observatory's largest telescope (ESO), shows a cloud of green gas that shines, known as planetary nebulae.

Picture 1 of Close up of dead star
The image of the future of the sun, in a few billion years - (Photo: ESO)

Planetary nebulae appear at the end of the life of every solar-sized star or more.

'What we are seeing is an old star that has released a part of the atmosphere into space, and is now surrounded by a large bubble made from the air' , RIA-Novosti quoted an ESO spokesman. Richard Hook.

'It will be the turn of the sun, within a few billion years' , Mr. Hook predicted.

Oxygen gas has brought green to the air bubble, while the next white-green light is 'the hot core of the star, which will gradually cool down and eventually turn off' , Mr. Hook explained.

The dying star was first observed in the late 19th century.