Close-up of the cicada process

The whole process of insects - cicadas molting will take place in about 30 minutes.

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On an occasion of research on organisms and insects, photographer Thomas Marent was fortunate to witness the process of a molting cicada. The whole process from "birth" to stage development takes 30 minutes.

Picture 1 of Close-up of the cicada process
The larvae after leaving the cave will climb up the trunk or leaf to begin the "escape" process.

Cicada larvae live in underground caves, with depths ranging from 30cm to 2.5m. When deciding to break the cover to get out, Marent photographers saw him leave his cave and climb the tree, picking a sturdy leaf to support it to complete the process. After about 7-10 minutes of clinging to the leaves, the molting process of cicadas gradually begins.

Picture 2 of Close-up of the cicada process
The outer shell of the cicada is separated from the back

Picture 3 of Close-up of the cicada process
At this time, the cicada's body is extremely soft

First, the outer crust of the cicada is separated from the back. From here, according to the description, the cicada gradually breaks the shell, going out. This process takes 4 - 5 minutes. A green larva with scary shape begins to appear.

Picture 4 of Close-up of the cicada process
After getting out of the corpse, the wing of the tick gradually grew out.However, the wings are still wet and soft (left photo).After a few minutes, the wings will become longer and more rigid (right)

After the body is completely removed from the body, the wing of the tick will gradually become longer. However, at this time, their wings were still soft and wet. The ticks will stick here and wait until the wings are really hard to fly. The time for cicada wings to be sturdy is about 5 - 7 minutes.

Picture 5 of Close-up of the cicada process

More interestingly, the color on the cicada's body also began to change gradually, from the whole green body the wings have now changed to a different, more magical, sparkling green. When the wings were long and sturdy, the cicadas could fly up the branches to suck the plastic and sing the song .

The photographer Marent said: "In the past, I have seen countless empty pupae on branches and trees, I was very curious about them. I wanted to get photos when cicadas larvae" escaped ". for years and now I have made that wish - a full process from infancy to adulthood ".