Dead land of sperm whales in the North Sea

Many consecutive landslides caused the total number of dead whales in the North Sea coast to increase to 26 in just one month.

The northern European coastal area became a sperm whale when eight more whale fish were stranded on a German beach on 1/2, bringing the total number of dead fish to 26 in a month, according to IFL Science.

Picture 1 of Dead land of sperm whales in the North Sea
Wrecked corpses on the German coast on 1/2.(Photo: Blue Planet Society).

"This phenomenon has now become an unusually cosmopolitan strand, " Rob Deaville, of the Marine Mammal Investigation Program, observed.

In the latest incident, the sperm whale fish were the same age as the stranded fish found three weeks ago in another location. They are located close to each other on the mire in the Wadden Sea National Park. Many people think that they belong to the same group.

"Males in this population experience winter in the North Atlantic Ocean. During migration, many individuals are likely to stray to the North Sea region with shallow water and poor food sources," officials said. The environment in the Schleswig-Holstein region, said. Using sound waves to orientate becomes more difficult in shallow waters, causing sperm whales to run aground.

"All of these animals die from landslides. But we do not have a solution to why they came to the North Sea ," Deaville said. Due to shallow water and scarce food sources, sperm whales rarely appear in the North Sea.

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