Death Valley secret

Besides the harsh weather, the Death Valley of California (USA) is also known for an extremely strange phenomenon: the stones move ...

Besides the harsh weather, California's Death Valley (USA) is also known for an extremely strange phenomenon: stones move on their own without any external impact. This has led scientists crazy for over five decades. Because no one has noticed any signs that the stones in this place are really moving, although in fact each month they ' go ' more than 100m.

Picture 1 of Death Valley secret

Picture 1 of Death Valley secret

Stone moves back behind long streaks in the desert Racetrack Playa - (Photo: Internet)

Most of these 'playboy' rocks have a size of 1 liter soda cans, but are much heavier. MSNBC quoted NASA scientist Brian

Jackson, who persevered in the Death Valley for more than four years, said: ' You don't think that the 9-kilograms of rock slipped on the arid ground easily, but they seemed so in practice '. According to this expert, all theories have been made to explain the phenomenon of the mysterious, from aliens, the force from the school to the hoax of a certain group of people, but no theory is appropriate.

Now a group of young scientists are watching the movements of the rocks in the mysterious desert called Racetrack Playa. They use GPS satellites to track and measure the movement of rocks, and bury modern devices on the ground for 3 months. The expert team hopes to get the right answer this year.