Decipher the secret room of medieval priests

During Queen Elizabeth I's reign, the number of secret rooms increased dramatically.

In England, many bloody riots and conflicts took place. Accordingly, many castles, mansions and houses of priests, the upper class . had secret rooms or paths. go secret.

During the reign of the year, the number of strong increases. Many homes of Catholics also designed rooms, such special paths for priests to hide or escape when in danger in emergencies.

Picture 1 of Decipher the secret room of medieval priests
Many Catholic believers' houses designed secret rooms for priests to hide.

In particular, in the 16th century, tensions between religions were quite intense. The situation in England became more and more troubled when King Henry VIII decided to divorce his wife - Queen Catherine, but faced opposition from the Roman church. Therefore, King Henry VIII decided to separate England from the church to divorce Queen Catherine in order to marry Anne Boleyn.

Catholic priests who had a period of time were banned from working in the UK . Those arrested will be severely punished by imprisoning, torturing and hanging. The authorities also have a network to provide information and intense search for Catholic priests. To avoid being arrested and hanged, priests live with wealthy Catholics. They live with fake relatives as cousins ​​or teachers of the owner's family.

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Secret passage for priests built at the fireplace.

In those houses there is always a secret room for priests to be able to promptly escape in emergencies. Most of the rooms, the secret passage for priests built at the fireplace, behind false walls or under the stairs. In some cases the secret room has no way to escape, the priest will stay there for many days when someone comes to check.

Some priests died in a secret room due to starvation or lack of oxygen. They are also forced to remain silent, not to make noise to avoid detection.