Detecting anti-inflammatory substances on fungus fungus

UK researchers have discovered an active ingredient in cordyceps fungus that can help treat osteoarthritis.

According to a research team from the University of Nottingham, UK, the Cordyceps Militaris , a fungus of Cordyceps , has a strong anti-inflammatory active ingredient to prevent symptoms of osteoarthritis .


'We were surprised by the pilot studies. This is already a breakthrough, but now we need to see, whether cordyceps can cure diseases, or just relieve pain. Its potential is really interesting for many diseases' - Professor Cordelia De Moor, currently working at the University of Nottingham, said.

The team is currently working on a new drug, containing a compound called Cordycepin . The team also said that cordyceps can provide effective treatments within 10 years.

Professor Cordelia De Moor - Head of the research team.

Professor Cordelia De Moor added: 'There are not many drugs currently used to treat osteoarthritis. With the new discovery, we hope the pharmaceutical industry will create drugs that effectively treat this disease. '

The UK-based Versus Arthritis charity recently decided to support funding for the University of Nottingham scientists, to complete the study.

Osteoarthritis affects about 8 million people in the UK. Currently, treatment with Steriod and Ibuprofen is still effective, but causes many side effects. Professor De Moor's tests on animals show that using Cordyceps Cordyceps is a completely new and very safe method.

The World Health Organization listed osteoarthritis on the list of leading causes of disability in the elderly. According to WHO, 10-15% of people over 60 years old suffer from this disease.

Osteoarthritis is the leading cause of disability in the elderly.

Cordyceps is a species of insect parasitic fungus, belonging to the family Cordycipitaceae, a rare medicinal herb that has been interested in research by scientists around the world.

In Asian countries, Cordyceps is considered a medicinal god. Although Western science has not yet proven, people still believe this kind of 'medicine' cures all diseases, ranging from impaired sexual ability to cancer. People boiled Cordyceps in the country to make tea or put in soup, stew.

Due to its 'miraculous' and difficult to exploit, Cordyceps is extremely expensive.

'This is one of the most valuable biological products in the world, bringing significant revenue to hundreds of thousands of harvesters, ' said Stanford University team scientist.

However, in fact the natural Cordyceps is very rare, due to the impact of the environment and overexploitation.

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