Detects sparkling diamond dust in the universe

Many lines of diamond dust carry mysterious light emanating from some areas of, sparkling in the universe, a new study says.

In the new study, space scientists used the Green Bank Telescope in West Virginia to examine 14 newborn star systems, located in the Milky Way, and discovered a strange light.

This type of light is essentially an anomalous microwave emission (AME), emitted by newborn stars.

Picture 1 of Detects sparkling diamond dust in the universe
This stream of light comes from the newborn stars.(Image source: phys).

"This is the first clear discovery of the unusual microwave emission emitted by newborn stars , " said study co-author David Frayer, an astronomer at the Green Bank Telescope. An announcement.

Here, in the unusual microwave emission stream, experts have discovered many signs of infrared light interacting with nanocrystals, together with 1-2% of nanodiamond (nano diamond) , according to the convention. calculation of the research team.

In addition, in some other microwave emission streams, a group of organic molecules called polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH) have also been discovered.

This particular flow of light can once again help astronomers better understand the evolution of the modern universe.