Discover giant monsters on the Alps

A recent discovery has found mammal-like but massive animals that have dominated the ocean around 210 million years ago.

Accordingly, scientists announced the discovery of fossils of four of these extinct monsters on the rock slopes of the Alps, Austria. They are about 4m long but this is not the size when fully developed.

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Scientists discovered fossils since 1980 but are now unveiled.

Richard Butler, a professor of biology research at Birmingham University, said the specimens showed they were only about 8 years old when they died and were still in development.

This is a completely new species, they are named Mystriosuchus steinbergeri . In it, Steinbergeri was the name of a member of the local caving club, who found these fossils in 1980.

Fossils were unearthed by the team of scientists within two years and used helicopters to take them out of the mountain. Information about this particular species is very limited.

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This animal has a very crocodile-like appearance.

They said they look very similar to crocodiles . And even though they lived a long time before this species, they were not close relatives.

This is an amphibian reptile , often found in freshwater lakes and rivers. They are not dinosaurs either. One thing is certain that these four fossils died on land and were washed away to the sea.

Along with some previously discovered species, this new species may show that they can adapt from freshwater environments to surface water or at least "cohabitation" in this environment.