Discover intact marine life in amber 99 million years

A marine creature that lived 99 million years ago remains intact in amber is considered a particularly rare discovery.

According to the Daily Mail, fossils are found in Myanmar and the first case of chrysanthemum chrysanthemums recorded in amber .

Amber preserved intact creatures that lived 99 million years ago.

Daisies is the name for a group of marine invertebrates, the species that survives to this day is the snail .

In the past, scientists often found only in amber species of forest origin such as spiders, cockroaches, flies, bees.

But a new specimen of amber has existed inside a marine creature that lives from the white chalk.

Professor Wang Bo, from the Chinese Academy of Sciences, is the one who announced the new discovery. Scientists have used X-rays to reproduce three-dimensional images of objects.

Most notable is a marine creature kept in fossils.

They discovered fossils of stone daisies that had a broken outer shell, and contained a lot of sand inside. The amber part dating to 99 million years also contains sand.

'The intact shell of the daisy shows that this sea creature died before being stuck in permanent amber , ' the team said.

According to scientists, the plastic layer falling from the coastal trees has covered all daisies and arthropods, somehow preserved until now in amber form.

'The insects that live near the coastal trees are also stuck in amber,' the team said.

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