Discover the mechanism that makes cancer go away!

American scientists discovered the code

American scientists discovered that the "kill" code available in human cells could cause cancer cells to self-destruct without resorting to chemotherapy for many side effects.

The team from Northwestern University (Illinois - USA) has discovered that every cell in the human body contains a natural defense mechanism. If this mechanism is activated properly, it can be cured without the use of multiple side effects such as chemotherapy.

Picture 1 of Discover the mechanism that makes cancer go away!

Picture 1 of Discover the mechanism that makes cancer go away!

The new finding leads to the hope of creating alternative therapies for chemotherapy with many side effects - (photo: SHUTTERSTOCK).

That mechanism is called a "kill code" . Literally, it is a kill command at the cellular level. When the code affects the "guards" inside the cell, telling them that the cell is slowly turning into cancer, the guards will force the cell to self-destruct to avoid turning itself into a toxic one. for general body.

This code is preinstalled in RNA (ribonucleic acid, an important genetic material besides DNA) and micro-RNAs (microRNA) . According to the study, this code appeared due to human evolution from more than 800 million years ago, as a natural mechanism to protect against cancer.

The team found that some chemotherapy forms inadvertently activated kill code in microRNAs, thereby making them play a role in cancer treatment.

However, chemotherapy along with unusual cancer treatments also brings a lot of side effects to the body. Professor Marcus E. Peter and Tomas D. Spies, the two main authors of the study, came from Northwestern University's Feinberg School of Medicine, saying: "Now that we know the kill code, we can click Active mechanism without the use of chemotherapy and not "disrupt" the patient's genome.

The authors reported that large RNA-encoded proteins could be converted into "killer" microRNAs and that the completely natural, non-toxic material that the patient himself possessed would help them recover.

Scientists are continuing to expand research to turn these findings into a complete cancer therapy.