Discover the mysterious room inside the underground palace of Roman tyrants

Archaeologists have recently discovered the discovery of a hidden room in the underground palace of the Roman Emperor tycoon Nero.

Nero Claudius Caesar Augustus Germanicus is also called Nero Claudius Caesar Germanicus , is the 5th Emperor and also the last of Julius-Claudius dynasty.

Nero was adopted by Emperor Claudius and inherited the throne. He was crowned with Nero Claudius Caesar, October 13, 54, after Claudius died.

The area discovers the mysterious room of tyrant Nero.

Nero was the 5th king of Rome from 54 to 68 AD. Nero made the Rome empire fade away. He burned many cities, killed thousands of people including his aunt, ex-wife, mother, wife and half-brothers.

Until recently, archaeologists discovered a dusty hidden bunker decorated with vivid paintings like centaurs and sphinxes in the ruins of the ancient Roman palace of Emperor Nero.

The area discovered lies hidden in the hills near Rome. The room has been hidden for nearly 2,000 years, possibly dating back to 65 AD.

The room is nicknamed the Sphinx Room , is richly decorated with murals of real creatures and myths painted with rich red, green, and gold that existed through two celestial beings. The past year is a great way. The domed room is also decorated with an image of a centaur and countless tree and water decorations.

The Sphinx room was discovered by chance while researchers were setting up to restore a nearby room. The curved ceiling of the room is 4.5 meters high and most of the room is still full of dirt.

Nero began building his massive palace, also known as the "golden house" in 64, after a six-day fire that made 2/3 of Rome into ash.