Discover the super typhoon mystery that appears on Saturn

Recently, according to the analysis of scientists, the giant Saturn belt created by massive thunderstorms takes place every 20 to 30 years in the volcano of this giant gas planet.

Mysterious super storm on Saturn

According to the latest scientific news in Science Alert, scientists say there are not always white rings surrounding Saturn. In the period of 20 to 30 years , in Saturn's atmosphere appear mysterious thunderstorms, creating white spots about the size of the Earth, which integrate to form an open ring of Saturn. the largest in the solar system.

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Deciphering the mystery of Saturn's largest solar system

During more than 140 years of observing this giant gas planet through a telescope, astronomers discovered that there were 6 times an incredible storm on Saturn, but could not know the origin of the attacks. How is this storm. So far, thanks to the Cassini spacecraft, researchers at the California Institute of Technology in the United States have been able to monitor and observe more clearly and in more detail this strange storm within 8 months, starting from the month. 12/2010.

Based on the collected data, the research team created a model that simulates the evolution of the regular cyclone activity in the Saturn atmosphere. In a publication in Nature Geoscience, researchers believe that because of the accumulation of water vapor in Saturn's low atmosphere after each storm for decades, it will create a powerful propulsion.

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Big storms are the cause of the formation of Saturn's belt

Naturally , water molecules in Saturn's atmosphere are heavier than the molecules of hydrogen and helium - the two main components in Saturn's atmosphere. Therefore, after a major storm followed the rain, the amount of gas in the remaining clouds is much lighter than the wet gas below.

This situation will coerce the air convection process , leading to the phenomenon of super typhoons taking place regularly from 20 to 30 years taking place once. For quite a long time, it proved that Saturn's atmosphere is more vaporized than Jupiter, which led to the formation of a stormy belt surrounding Saturn.

The new discovery not only deciphers the mystery behind the incredible, great storms that occur in Saturn's atmosphere, but also helps scientists discover the origin of the giant gas planet. - Saturn.

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