Discover the unexpected truth in the ancient Chinese society

Legalizing prostitution, using love seats when offering sex or giving your wife to others for good luck . are strange things in the history of the Chinese room.

The case in China in the previous society and the concept of sex at this time underwent significant changes. In the original Chinese society, homosexuality, homosexuality and extramarital sex were quite common.

In ancient China, sex was not restricted and was carried out indiscriminately. The issues raised below will help you discover many unexpected mysteries about aspects of ancient Chinese sex.

Bisexual sex has emerged since prehistoric times

The people of Xinjiang, a remote area in northwestern China, are the places where the earliest and most massive sculptures in history have been discovered. The first discovered carvings in 1980 by a Chinese archaeologist, Wang Binghua.

Among them, the highlight is the 3,000 year old giant petroglyphs depicting bisexual posture, with monkey masks and highlights on the cliff.

Men take their wives to the visitors

People in northern China are said to be more hospitable than any other place in ancient society. In addition, men here have an implicit custom that is willing to let cross-travelers (tourists) have sex with their wives.

They believe that the cross-country guests are outstanding people and if their wives have sex with these people one night, they will be able to bring a new blood to the family, and foretell a good future. than.

Therefore, the husband will prepare a room full of needs so that the precious guest can enjoy the moments of delusion with his wife.


In ancient China, emperors were always arranged by slaves to schedule a very detailed and dense sex. Basically, it is a tightly controlled continuous rotation of selected concubines from the list of thousands of frequency bands in the bow.

By the Sui Dynasty, the last king of the dynasty at that time was Sui De De (581 - 618), who had kept one queen, two crowns, six concubines, 72 women and more than 3,000 women in the post. supply.

With such a great amount and frequency, the Emperor's 'room' schedule is considered an important task to guarantee the king's longevity. The glass of the room is a separate agency responsible for recording and managing the imperial palace's impregnation.

Legalizing prostitution

In this era, prostitutes were allowed to operate.(Artwork: Internet).

In the 14th century, China legalized brothels that were legitimate businesses, registered and paid taxes to the court. Therefore, at this time there was not any social stigma related to prostitutes and sex buyers.

The mystery of the 'virgin chair' of the Empire

According to a history record of Sui, Sui De De often likes to kidnap underage children and put them into the 'virginity chair'.

Accordingly, as soon as the girls sit on this chair, the keychains will turn out one after another, binding their limbs to the chair. At the same time, the mechanical cushion under the seat will be adjusted so that the emperor can easily give 'the favor' to that girl.

Do not encourage men to ejaculate

The Taoist beliefs of ancient Chinese society said that men who lose too many sperm will lead to declining health, illness, and even death. In contrast, keeping semen volume will help nourish the body and spirit of men.

Accordingly, sperm is understood to be the energy for the body and they encourage men to orgasm by stimulating other parts, instead of ejaculating.