Discover treasure and 2,000-year-old aristocratic skeleton in Russia

A farmer in Russia accidentally dug up a 2,000-year-old treasure, inside were many valuable items and a noble skeleton.

According to the Daily Mail, a series of jewelry, gold, silver, weapons, were found in the burial place of the dead near the Caspian Sea, southern Russia.

Newly discovered 2,000-year-old aristocratic skeleton in Russia.

Farmer Rustam Mudayev said he accidentally dug up an ancient bronze vase in the land he managed near the village of Nikolskoye in Astrakhan region.

He brought the vase to the Astrakhan historical museum for the researchers. ' As soon as we found the vase, we set up an excavation team and brought it there,' said researcher Georgy Stukalov.

Jewelry is found buried with the skeleton.

'The analysis shows that this is the grave of an aristocrat, dating back 2,000 years.' This person may be the leader of the Sarmatian tribe , living in this area until the 5th century.

'We have dug for 12 days and found a treasure with gold, silver, jewelry'.

Most notably, of course, the skeleton of a man in a wooden casket. Expanding excavation, the researchers also found a skeleton of women and an old man.

Gold artifacts are found in the tomb.

'These findings will help us understand more about what happens here in the early stages of human civilization,' said regional governor Astrakhan, Sergey Morozov.

The excavation process is still ongoing.

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