Doing this for 2 months will increase the risk of stroke, myocardial stroke by 32%

Science magazine European Heart Journal has just published a large-scale study of collaboration between Tulane University and Havard TH Chan School of Public Health (USA), indicating that continuously taking antibiotics for 2 months will increase the risk. stroke, myocardial infarction in women.

The study involved 36,429 female volunteers.

Abuse of antibiotics increases the risk of stroke, myocardial infarction in women - (artwork from the internet).

Volunteers were monitored since 2004, divided into 3 age groups, including young women (20-39 years), middle-aged women (40-59 years) and seniors (60 years and older). They were categorized into 4 groups: never used antibiotics, used a short course of less than 15 days, had used 15 days to 2 months and the group used antibiotics for 2 months or longer.

They were re-examined every 2 years and during the study period there were 1056 people with cardiovascular disease. After considering other influencing factors such as race, diet, lifestyle, weight ., the scientists found the results quite startling: with only 2 months of continuous antibiotics, risk muscle stroke and myocardial infarction increased by 32% in people over 60 and up to 28% in middle-aged people!

Professor Lu Qi, from Havard TH Chan School of Public Health, said long-term use of antibiotics alters the balance of microorganisms in the intestine, increased inflammation, narrowed blood and thus increased risk. Myocardial heart disease and complications of heart disease such as stroke or myocardial infarction.

"Our research suggests that antibiotics should only be used when absolutely necessary . Consider possible side effects of accumulation, the shorter the time to use antibiotics," Professor Lu Qi admitted. determined.

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