Dolphins scavenge with Alzheimer's as human beings and cause very worrying

Concern is because it is completely possible for people.

Alzheimer's is a very annoying neuropathy that many people are suffering from. It causes patients with dementia, reduced thinking ability, confusion and unable to function normally.

But it turns out, the disease is not only encapsulated within human beings, but dolphins are also affected. In 2017, dolphins are the first (and only) wild animals to suffer from Alzheimer's . And recently there are more than 10 dolphins washed ashore in Florida and Massachusetts. According to autopsies, their brains are full of amyloid plaque - an undeniable sign of Alzheimer's disease.

The fact that Alzheimer's dolphins don't actually surprise science by the cause of it. According to Deborah Mash from Miami University, the bodies of these dolphins exist BMAA residues - a kind of toxic substance from the environment .

Picture 1 of Dolphins scavenge with Alzheimer's as human beings and cause very worrying
Dolphins are the first (and only) wild animals to suffer from Alzheimer's.

BMAA is a neurotoxin produced by green algae when blooming, can easily enter the food chain and cause serious consequences for many animals in the ecosystem. In fact, scientists have long suspected that BMAA is responsible for many common neurological diseases, not only Alzheimer's but also Parkinson and ALS (sclerosis on one side).

So when BMAA is identified in Alzheimer's dolphins, this hypothesis is strengthened.

"Dolphins are among the victims who suffer from the most toxic substances from the marine environment," Mash said.

"The frequency of algae and bacteria exploding in the waters is increasing . So the case of these dolphins can be an early warning for humans."

It is known that the dolphins living in Florida must be constantly exposed to the waves of blooming algae very toxic. Although there is no final conclusion yet, it is likely that BMAA is responsible for this. Moreover, some experiments show that BMAA if it enters the diet of humans and primates can cause the nervous system to deteriorate more quickly.

As the earth gets hotter, the events of algal blooms will become more and more, and dolphins are increasingly exposed to risks."They get sick because of contact with algae, both by eating poisonous animals," - Mash adds.

However, it is not yet confirmed whether the blooms of algae directly cause Alzheimer's disease in dolphins or even humans. Currently, experts continue to research to get the correct answer in the future.

The research is published in the journal PLOS ONE.

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