Earthquake shook Japan

Yesterday (April 15), Japan - a country with frequent earthquakes - was shaken by a light intensity earthquake. Officials and police said at least five people were injured, many houses and a 400-year-old castle were damaged.

According to the US Geological Surveillance Agency, the magnitude of the magnitude 5.4 earthquake occurred 12g19 local time, the epicenter was in Mie province, 320 km southwest of Tokyo.

About 6 hours later, the Japan Meteorological Agency recorded an earthquake of magnitude 4.5, said to be the aftershock of the earthquake in the afternoon.

The earthquake injured at least five people, including two in the city of Kameyama due to heavy ceilings and three others in the province. The earthquake also collapsed part of the stone wall at Kameyama's 400-year-old castle, fortunately no one was injured after the incident.

Many houses are also partially damaged. About 4,300 households in the area were temporarily cut off.

Yoshihisa Ito, a Mie provincial official, said authorities had suspended many high-speed trains and regular trains, blocking many roads to check safety. The travel was quickly resumed later.

Picture 1 of Earthquake shook Japan

Staff of a store rearranges CDs that were dumped after an earthquake in Kameyama City, Mie Province on April 15 (Photo: AP)