Europe continues to cope with prolonged cold prices

Belgium is experiencing the longest cold spell in over 70 years. The Belgian Meteorological Agency report said the cold spell with temperatures below 0 degrees C has entered the 14th day in a row.

On February 13, all highways and small roads in most parts of Belgium were affected. In particular, in Bruges - Belgium's famous tourist destination dubbed the "Venice of the North" , the roads are warned to be extremely dangerous because of slippery.

The record of the prolonged freezing time in Belgium was established 71 years ago, with a continuous cold spell in about 13-14 days in January 1941.

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Snow white in Zagreb

Meanwhile, heavy snowfall in Bulgaria after temperatures dropped to an unusual low on Feb. 13 paralyzed the country's transport infrastructure and left 12,000 homes out of power in the West. The main routes to the capital Sofia are covered with snow and it takes hours to clear the roads.

Heavy snow also affects rail and air traffic, many incoming and outgoing flights are delayed, making it difficult for people to live and work.

On Feb. 13, the Russian Ministry of Health said that the unusually cold winter this year claimed the lives of at least 215 Russians, mostly homeless.

The national weather forecast agency said the country of Aries is undergoing an unusual cold spell lasting 20 days with an average temperature of 7-14 degrees Celsius lower than the average heat in this period.

In Moscow, the temperature dropped to minus 20 degrees Celsius on February 13. In the last 24 hours, the lowest temperature measured in Russia is minus 52.8 degrees Celsius in Toko in the Sakha Republic, in the north of the country.