'Falling back' about women defying to whiten skin from ancient needles

Many people wonder if women today should take a white bath with the desire to own white skin?

From ancient times, spotless white skin has always been the norm, a measure of the beauty of the women, especially in the East. In many people's minds, white is the expression of a noble aristocracy, so white skin becomes the pursuit trend of all women.

So what is the truth behind this traditional concept? Whether a lot of people find ways, despite the health risks to have white skin, is a good thing. Under the lens of discovery science, we will get the answer.

White skin - the eternal standard of beauty

There is one truth to admit: throughout the history of thousands of years of development, white skin has always been considered the first standard of a beautiful daughter in the East and the West.

Even the Egyptian Empress live in the desert .

If in China, Japan or Vietnam in the past, white women are always appreciated, in Europe (especially in the Renaissance), pale skin is the symbol of the charming woman. , Noble.

Even old women are so crazy that they are ready to cut their blood, make up their makeup in every way to get the desired thing, even the skin is as white as possible.

. to the four great Chinese beauties .

. Japanese famous Geisha .

. or Queen Victoria is also "interested" in white skin.

Under the scientific lens, the phenomenon is proved as an inevitable. After years of research, experts from the University of Toronto (Canada) have found the scientific nature behind this standard.

Specifically, since ancient times, white women are often due to less labor in the sun. They belong to noble, wealthy and intelligent families.

At the same time, psychological research indicates that pale, pale skin suggests clarity, weakness and wants to be covered in the eyes of men.

Women with white skin are symbols of purity, purity and charm.

Therefore, over time, almost every generation of women wishes to have a white skin like peeled chicken eggs. And vice versa, men are also very interested in such women. The beauty standard from which to form.

Do it all to have white skin - should it be?

Since ancient times, noble women have methods of whitening skin from nature. Japanese and Chinese women often use pearl powder, finely shelled shell powder to cover their skin. There are even documents that some people have swallowed that powder in the hope that their skin will be white forever.

Box of chalk powder powder used for whitening of ancient Egyptian women

The usual makeup tools of the old Oriental girls.

In the West, women know how to use powder chalk whitening from ancient Greece. However, few people know that the main ingredient of powder is lead - a chemical that can be deadly.

The ancients said that applying it to the surface of the skin will be pale white, a sign of good health and noble beauty.

The makeup of women in ancient Greece.

Over time, whitening soap formulations were prepared by Westerners, commonly used as a mixture of lemons and dandelions cooked with arsenic and mercury.

Of course, women at that time did not know that mercury and arsenic were extremely toxic to the human body. Historically, hundreds of women have died from using this deadly soap.

Picture of an old Western woman . white bath.

By the middle of the twentieth century, new types of soaps with carboxylic acid, phenol-hydroquinone and . were still mercury.

This proves that the desire for a white skin has surpassed all, making many women blind and self-harm.

Ads like this for whitening soap have harmed many sisters because of lack of understanding

Until recently, many women sought white bathing methods to achieve the desired beauty. According to cosmetic experts, this way is essentially good through bathing with nutrients such as collagen, herbs, rice bran . skin is raised from deep inside, becoming stronger and brighter.

However, this method requires a long time to produce results. Therefore, many people have sought to whiten when bathing with . bleach. These chemicals will peel off the outer horn layer, including the skin protection.

White baths are good in nature, but if using bleaching agents to whiten it would be a disaster

This part of skin protection is actually melanin pigmentation . They are produced in the dermis of the skin and are the factors that determine whether your skin is white or congenitally congenital.

Many people believe that "hate" melanin and find ways to destroy them to have a white skin but that is a misconception. Although the cause of melasma and melasma, melanin is also a 'jacket' that protects the skin naturally.

The skin protection part is actually melanin skin pigment

Melanin helps protect against harmful ultraviolet rays from the Sun and harmful agents penetrate the body through the skin. They are able to prevent oxidation and reduce skin damage when exposed to UV rays from the Sun. Scientists have shown that long-term melanin deficiency can cause skin cancer or even death.

Therefore, after taking a white bath with bleach, the protective melanin disappears, the young skin underneath is exposed, creating a virtual white feeling for the sisters. Meanwhile, their skin has become thinner, weaker and very easy to be sunburned, unable to resist ultraviolet rays from the Sun.

Repeating this approach many times will make your skin weak and cause many bad health consequences later.

The desire to be more beautiful with white skin is a legitimate desire of women. However, be wise when choosing ways to whiten your skin to both achieve your dream beauty and ensure your own health.