Frightened by the unexplainable coincidences in history

The coincidence of events separated by tens of years or completely different people below makes it hard to believe that it is just a coincidence .

This accident happened in 1975 in Bermuda.One of the twins was killed when he was hit by a taxi while driving a scooter.A year later, the other twins also went on the same scooter, which was stabbed by the previous year taxi and was still the driver who drove, carrying the right passengers who appeared in the accident of the twin. died years ago.

A pair of twins lived apart when they were only 3 weeks old but 39 years later, in 1979, when they met again, they discovered that they had the same life.Both of them were named James, who worked in law at maturity, taking women named Linda, then divorced and remarried to women named Betty.The twins also have sons and named James Allan together.(In the photo: the couple in the movie "Twins" is based on this true story).

The only novel by detective writer Edgar Allan Poe named "The Narrative of Arthur's Pym of Nantucket" was published in 1838 depicting the sailors of a ship stuck out in the ocean.Because they were so hungry, they drew lots to see who would be sacrificed so that the rest could survive.46 years later, the same thing happened to the Mignonette with scary coincidence.

In 1898, Morgan Robertson published the "Futility, or the Wreck of the Titan" novel with the story about the ship named Titan hitting the iceberg on the Atlantic Ocean and sinking.14 years later, almost everything in the book becomes true in the historic disaster called Titanic.

A church in Beatrice, Nebraska was detonated on March 1, 1950, at approximately 12:25 am (local time), while the 15-member church choir always started at 15:15.Luckily, however, no one was killed or injured because all 15 people came late that day for personal reasons and there was also someone near the church when it exploded.

The emperor's corpse (Tamerlane) was unearthed by a Soviet scientist in 1941. Inside his tomb, he wrote the words: "When I return from the dead, the world will be at stake" and "Anyone who opens my tomb will face an invader worse than me."Two days later, regardless of the Treaty of non-aggression between Germany and the Soviet Union, Adolf Hitler and the Nazis attacked the Soviet Union.

Tsutomu Yamaguchi had a business trip to Hiroshima on August 6, 1945, the very day the US bombed the city.He suffered severe burns but later recovered.When Tsutomu returned to Nagasaki - where the United States threw a second atomic bomb just a few days later, he managed to escape the disaster.

In early 2002, a 70-year-old twins died on the same day in Raahe, Finland.The two men were hit by trucks while cycling and were only 2 hours apart at 2 accident locations nearly 2km apart.

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