Having a snail that is more toxic than arsenic, ingesting can live plants for life

Serrated mud snail is a kind of mud snail, Nassarius papilosus scientific name, contains tetrodotoxin, this is a toxin that damages the nervous system, more serious can cause death.

Serrated muds are distributed mainly in coastal areas. Mud snails have many different types of colors. into the most serrated spring mud. The serrated sludge is characterized by a slender tail about 1cm long and about 0.5cm wide, equal to the size of the thumb. In addition, the serrated shell surface usually has 1 to 3 stripes of purple-brown or red-yellow stripes, and the surface pattern looks like a textile thread.

Dr Vuong Hau Hung said: The serrated self does not produce tetrodotoxin , but they eat dead carcasses of fish and other animals, and they also eat some algae and organic debris to maintain life.

Serrated snails contain strong toxins, which can be fatal.

However, in recent years, due to changes in the marine environment and the frequent occurrence of toxic red tide, it has resulted in toxic production in algae and dead bodies of marine animals, when snails eat all kinds. These corpses, toxins still exist in the stomach and accumulate into tetrodotoxin . Tetrodotoxin is much more toxic than arsenic, and eating about 0.5mg can be fatal.

Moreover, the method of cooking snails in general is sautéed and boiled without destroying the structure of tetrodotoxin, while also causing toxins to release and increase the risk of poisoning. And what needs to be emphasized here is that there is no antidote to date.

Symptoms of poisoning after eating snails

If poisoning occurs when serrated snails are eaten , the first stage is manifested by the tip of the tongue, the lips and fingertips are numb, the eyelids are lowered, followed by symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, and difficulty. resistant to stomach, abdominal pain and diarrhea. More seriously, there will be a situation of unclear speech, polio, husky voice, difficulty breathing, mental inactivity, suffocation, even death (weakness of the respiratory system and circulation), so After eating snails, once a poisoning occurs, immediately go to the hospital for treatment.

According to experts, it is best not to eat strange snails. In mud snails there are many different types, there are few poisonous types, many poisonous types, there are normal snails that are not poisonous but in certain times produce toxins, this is very unpredictable.

For marine snails when used as food, they must be prepared and processed to ensure safety: soaking and dropping into the environment to water to stimulate the elimination of all residues, intestinal secretions, foam glands (water light salt, light lime water, vinegar .); Rinse with clean water, drain, heat thoroughly and eat immediately after processing.Absolutely not eat raw, eat again, not through preliminary processing , clean hygiene.

If after eating sea snail, there are unusual symptoms and symptoms such as numbness and burning in the lips and tongue, sore throat, abdominal pain, nausea . need to go to medical facilities immediately for examination and treatment. timely.