Hemorrhoids are very familiar but not everyone knows these things

Hemorrhoids are also considered by many to be 'hard to say' disease, a disease that 'affects' most people from young to old.

Because this is the pathology of the rectum area, many people are afraid. It is worth mentioning that this disease has a relatively high incidence in our country and ranks first in anal area diseases to hospitalization.

About 30-40% of adults have hemorrhoids

According to Associate Professor Dr. Nguyen Xuan Hung, Director of Center for Colorectal and Perineal Surgery, Head of Vietnamese German Department of Gastrointestinal Surgery, hemorrhoids are anatomical structures with normal physiological functions in the body, However, over time or when the transfer structure turns into pathological state, it appears that symptoms such as defecation of fresh blood, vascular occlusion, painful inflammation are called hemorrhoids. Accordingly, there are typical signs of hemorrhoids such as defecation of fresh blood, when the defecation sees a mass of hemorrhoids in the anal area, when this block causes embolism, it falls more and causes pain.

The folk saying that the 'cross-hemorrhoids' are about the prevalence of hemorrhoids. Also according to Assoc. Hung, we conducted research on 4000 workers and about tens of thousands of people in the Northern area, showing that about 30-40% of adults have hemorrhoids. To see that this disease is very common.

Assoc. Hung also said that hemorrhoids are actually benign but annoying, if not cured, it will lead to certain consequences. Hemorrhoids are benign (chronic and episodic) but not so that people are subjective, so when symptoms need to be concerned and visited.

Besides, Director of the Center for Colorectal and Perinatal Surgery of Vietnamese German Hospital also said that hemorrhoids are benign and easy to guess but not because they are so subjective. Abnormal anatomical manifestations need to be examined because it may also be a sign of some potentially dangerous disease.

Most patients with hemorrhoids who have medical treatment do not have any new results

In addition, Assoc. Hung also shared that for hemorrhoids, the first priority is still medical treatment, if not treated, it is necessary to take measures such as surgery and surgery.

Picture 1 of Hemorrhoids are very familiar but not everyone knows these things

Picture 1 of Hemorrhoids are very familiar but not everyone knows these things

Associate Prof. Dr. Nguyen Xuan Hung, Director of Center for Colorectal and Perineal Surgery, Head of Department of Digestive Surgery, BV Viet Duc

'At the colorectal and perineal surgery center, doctors have treated about 6 patients who self-treat hemorrhoids with leaf cover until severe complications to multiorgan failure and anal area necrosis. Unfortunately, none of the patients died but the consequences of treating hemorrhoids when listening to the tips and rumors were huge. I have never seen anyone who died from hemorrhoids but witnessed many people suffer from severe complications of hemorrhoids , 'said Assoc. Hung said.

Same point of view, Master. Dr. Hoang Khanh Toan, Dean of the Faculty of Oriental Medicine, Central 108 Military Hospital also said that before having modern medicine, our grandparents used traditional medicine. But, traditional medicine is here to be standard, not to listen to the experience of the lang and the midwife. Therefore, hemorrhoids who want to use traditional medicine need tested medicines and licensed traditional medicine facilities.

Also according to MA. Toan, with many remedies, the traditional medicine can help prevent hemorrhoids, prevent after surgery of hemorrhoids such as from an antidote for hemorrhoids such as: Hoe Giac Hoan, Hoang Cam, travel doctor. . In the composition of hoe cuong, it has effects on blood bar, hemostatic, analgesic, reinforcing vascular wall .

To prevent hemorrhoids in general and prevent hemorrhoids, experts recommend:

  • Actively replenish high-fiber foods at a daily meal, eat plenty of green vegetables to help the intestines work effectively to avoid constipation.
  • Forging a habit of defecating in a fixed time frame , ideally in the early morning. Absolutely not abstain. Pay attention to hygiene after each bowel movement to avoid inflammation of the anal area and areas directly related to this area.
  • Actively advocate sports daily, drink water . Take a break between breaks to rest and move around. Absolutely not sitting or standing too long for a place to put pressure on the anal area.
  • Comfort psychology : Always keep yourself psychologically comfortable, happy and optimistic, staying away from all stress and depression in life are also the most useful ways to avoid the onslaught of disease.

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