How did NASA make the Hubble telescope photography better?

Just by looking at the pictures below, you will see how good the Hubble telescope has been over time.

According to Bgr, constantly producing stunning images of the universe when the expert directed its lens into distant galaxies and star clusters, but its imaging capabilities were not always spectacular. The telescope was launched back in early 1990 and in the first few years after that, its photographic capabilities were unimpressive.

Picture 1 of How did NASA make the Hubble telescope photography better?
The telescope was launched back in the early 1990s but its photographic capabilities were not impressive.

You see, a hole in the telescope has made many of its images blurry and only when the lens is in orbit, scientists discover how bad it is. In 1993, NASA decided to fix it, and now, when it celebrates the 25th anniversary of Hubble's service mission, let's see how it works over time.

As NASA explains, Hubble was a transcendent breakthrough at the time it was put into space. They know how much better photos are after the mirror is equipped with hardware to correct distortion . They know those images are bad at the time but they cannot improve much (due to technical limitations). So they took some space photos at the time before and after Hubble glasses were repaired to compare the quality.

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Hubble's faulty mirror created images with poor definition and blurred like the first.

As you can see, the difference is huge. We also see how Hubble's faulty mirror has produced images that are poorly defined and blurred.

Keep looking at the Hubble telescope's images from 1993, 1994 and 2018 to see how NASA has attempted to upgrade the quality of photography of this glasses. Clearly, space scientists and enthusiasts today have no reason to complain about the quality of images Hubble sent to Earth.