How was silk invented?

Silk originated from ancient China and was invented by Queen Luy To.

Silk is one of the oldest fabrics originating in ancient China. According to legend, it was insensibly invented by Queen Luy To (Hsi Ling Shi).

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Queen Luy To was surprised to know the cocoons made by silkworms.

One day, Queen Luy To was drinking tea under the mulberry tree when suddenly, a cocoon fell on her tea cup and burst out shiny silk threads.

The queen is attracted to these threads and immediately learns their origins. Queen Luy To was very surprised to know the cocoons made by silkworms (Bombyxmori) . The queen then developed the idea of ​​creating fabric from silk threads, and that's how silk was invented.

China has kept the process of silk production secret, and as a result, they earn a lot of money through the export of silk. However, production techniques gradually came to other countries and they began to produce silk themselves.

  • Evidence China produced silk from 8500 years ago