Hypnosis and mysteries in the subconscious world

Whether or not hypnosis can control other people's actions?

Probably everyone is not too strange with the term 'hypnosis '. Not only is it word of mouth but it also appears quite a lot on films, comics, magic shows .

Hypnosis refers to the ability of others to control their thoughts, making them do everything at their disposal. Hypnotized people seem to be unable to control themselves, the brain is governed entirely by others. That is still what entertainment shows have brought to the audience the basic concepts of hypnosis.

Many people have strange thoughts about hypnosis. For example, they think that a person has been hypnotized or cannot regain consciousness, or can be manipulated to do bad or harmful things.

In fact, there are still many mysteries about hypnosis that many people do not know. Let's find out through the article below!

Control ability of hypnosis

Hypnosis is really a strange art by its ability to control the mind. The hypnotized person will listen completely according to the hypnotist's words. But many people do not know that there are people who are more susceptible to hypnosis than others. Scientists have done a study showing that each person's ability to be hypnotized is different . The age group under 12 is more susceptible to hypnosis because the brain processing cycle has not been completed. Meanwhile, about 20% of adults are difficult to hypnotize.

Hypnosis treatment (medical hypnosis)

With science, the main use of hypnosis is its healing ability or medical hypnosis (hypnotherapy). Hypnosis helps patients to change many bad behaviors or it can also help them forget unimaginable memories . This method aims at an unconscious change in the patient by placing them in a state Thai is completely controlled. Many people still do not trust this method of treatment, but others consider it a real work and consider it a new treatment in the future.

Hypnosis performing

The fact that these two types of hypnosis are medical hypnosis as mentioned above and in this section is stage hypnosis . That's what we often see in entertainment programs - the hypnotist will control the minds of the audience and make them do their own actions. This is really considered a tool for entertainment because these performers are hypnotic, besides hypnotizing, they also use many other tricks and often use the pre-selected people to perform. It helps to stimulate the crowd and make them feel admiring and excited, but in reality this method is less related to the true nature of hypnosis.

Auto hypnosis

You may be surprised to learn that we can also hypnotize ourselves without the need for hypnotists, what you need is the necessary knowledge. There is a method called self-hypnosis or self-hypnosis , which allows you to use your subconscious to influence your behaviors in a way that your consciousness doesn't control. This method was discovered by a person named Coue, the author of 'Self-Mastery Through Conscious' , which describes in detail how we can put ourselves in a state of being alone. like hypnotists often do.


In movies or entertainment programs, hypnosis can also make us forget a part of certain memories. With science, this is quite accurate, but only when the hypnotized person really wants to forget it and follow the instructions of the hypnotist. Although those memories when excited are easy to return, they can be prevented by the use of one's subconscious. Hypnosis also has the ability to help restore the memory of others in a completely unconscious state. Many people when hypnotized said that they had been kidnapped by aliens or had met monsters . but there was little or no evidence to prove that the recovered memories were events happens or because the patient is forcing himself to believe it.

History of hypnosis

Hypnosis is thought to have been used in the 1800s as an anesthetic form, also known as 'hypnoanesthesia' . However, the past has shown that hypnosis is still used a lot earlier. In recent discoveries, ancient Egyptians or Greeks have implemented this method in rituals from about 3000 years ago.

Take control of yourself

The ability to make others act on their own is probably one of the biggest mysteries of hypnosis. However, as mentioned above hypnosis is a state of being affected by others and there are people who are more vulnerable than others. Becoming a good therapist is the first thing hypnotists need. Accordingly, they will create trust by talking to you and not exposing that they really cannot control making you do everything you want. Actions when you are in a trance state are because you are completely willing to do so, and they cannot control you to do things that are unethical or contrary to the beliefs they have given you.

Whether or not conscious while hypnotized?

Many people believe that people often sleep while being hypnotized but not really. In the process of hypnosis, you are not only controlling your own actions, but according to the scientists, you are still very alert. Because at that time you can completely hear all the hypnotists say if you really want to and try to listen. A seasoned hypnotherapist who used to self-hypnosis to eliminate his own pain response. He tried to do this during surgery. It really works very well and he doesn't feel any pain, but for a wide range of applications we still need more evidence. It is hard to believe if he just puts himself in a sleepy state while undergoing surgery, but certainly in his mind he is in the process of fighting a great deal of thought.