Instructions for using Google Assistant Vietnamese

Google Assistant has officially supported Vietnamese language but since it has just been deployed in our country, this assistant has not yet possessed all the features like other markets (such as starting Google Assistant by speaking "OK Google" without pressing the Home key).

Once you have entered the Google Assistant console, you can use your voice to talk to your assistant. To get started, simply touch the microphone icon on the Google Assistant interface and say what you want to say to the virtual assistant:

In addition to asking questions, you can also ask the Google Assistant Vietnamese assistant to do anything from timer, opening contacts, making calls .

You should note that Google Assistant is an AI-supported assistant so it can learn from your daily use habits to become more complete. Therefore, you can "teach" your assistant by regularly communicating with it information such as:

  • Plan, schedule every day.
  • Ask with Google Assistant about any topic you can think of.
  • Teach Google Assistant new knowledge, for example "What is Korean rice roll?" .
  • Optimize your phone, often ask Google Assistant to connect with friends and family through contacts, media .

Google Assistant is like a child and how it grows depends very much on users like you. Wish you have interesting experiences with Google Assistant in Vietnamese.