Interesting truth about Zeus in Greek mythology

Zeus in Greek mythology is described as the son of Kronos and Rhea. This god is the youngest of the brothers and sisters.

Zeus escaped the danger of being swallowed by his father because he said one of his children would overthrow him. Thus, Rhea took Zeus to hide in a cave in Crete and received Gaia's help.

Zeus is the son of Kronos and Rhea.

According to another anecdote, Zeus was brought up by a goddess named Amalthea as a child. As an adult, the Lord of the gods - Zeus defeated his father and freed his brothers and sisters - who were swallowed by Kronos in his stomach. After the fight against the father, Zeus became a powerful god. He ruled the world with Hades and Poseidon.

Zeus has dozens of children with 12 gods, not to mention the divine and other fairies. Zeus's most powerful wife is the goddess Hera. This goddess is the sister of Zeus.

In myth, Zeus is often portrayed as a tall, robust man, a black or gray beard and long curly hair.

Zeus is often portrayed as a tall, robust man.

Hercules has extraordinary health and is the son of Zeus with a naked woman named Alcmena. This is the most known son of Zeus.

Zeus is known for his mood swings and is easy to get angry. Every time the angry Zeus will cause terrible storms. Zeus is famous for harsh punishment. For example, when Prometheus gave fire to humans, Zeus punished this god by binding to a rock. Every day, an operating and eating liver eagle Prometheus.