It's so hot that animals are 'crazy' in India

According to the AFP news agency, Indian media have reported cases of strange behavior by animals due to the hot weather and prolonged drought in the country.

Picture 1 of It's so hot that animals are 'crazy' in India

Picture 1 of It's so hot that animals are 'crazy' in India

Indian women beat water tanks to protest against the government's failure to guarantee running water - (Photo: REUTERS).

PN Mishra rangers said the case of 15 monkeys in the Joshi Baba reserve was killed by fighting to fight for water . According to him, this is a rare and strange behavior in monkeys.

Meanwhile, there have been records of many cases of tigers leaving the forest to the village to find drinking water that made people afraid.

Over the past few days, heat has been recorded at over 50 degrees Celsius in many parts of India. There is information that the sun also makes people crazy.

In the state of Jharkhand, a person who was angry had stabbed six other people because of being prevented from adding water at a public water supply point. Even in Tamil Nadu state, a 33-year-old man was stabbed to death because of a similar water dispute.

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