Little known effect of banana peel

Bananas are not only nutritious fruits but their shells also have many useful uses, such as whitening teeth, acne treatment, anti-aging skin .

Banana peels, which you often throw away every day, are also healthy. Banana peels are rich in vitamins B6, B12, magnesium and potassium. They are also rich in nutrients and high in carbohydrates. If your body's sugar level is low, you can eat banana peels.

You may be surprised to learn that banana peels are used for dental care. For naturally bright teeth, many people rub fresh banana peels on their teeth. They do the same on the face to reduce acne and reduce black scars. Banana peels are also widely used as ingredients for preparing snacks, or dishes . in the southern states of India. This shell is often used to marinate chicken.

Here are the great health benefits of banana peels that you need to know:

Tooth whitening

To get naturally bright white teeth, rub banana peels on your teeth every day for about a week to be effective.

Remove warts

Banana peels help to remove warts and prevent them from coming back. Rub the skin or cover the skin with acne and leave it overnight to reduce the warts.


Instead of throwing banana peels in the trash, you can use it for cooking purposes.

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Treatment of acne

Rubbing banana peels with honey is the best way to treat acne and reduce scarring on the face.

Prevent wrinkles

Banana peels are also beneficial for skin because they contain antioxidants that have anti-aging effects. It keeps skin hydrated, firming skin and improving elasticity.

Pain relief

Banana peels work very well in soothing pain in your body. If you have pain, use banana peel as an essential oil. Massage with banana peels and leave for 15 minutes, your pain will be soothing immediately.

Cure psoriasis

This is an unexpected benefit from banana peels. Rubbing banana peels will help relieve itching and quickly heal psoriasis.

Treatment of insect bites

Biting insects can make you itchy and painful. Rub the skin area with the banana peel to relieve itching and pain.

UV protection

Banana peels are often known to reduce cataract risk. To reduce the itching and fatigue of your eyes, apply the banana peel to your eyes for protection.


Banana peels are also used for the purpose of cleaning household items. You can use it to clean shoes, leather jackets, or silver jewelry.