Look for the chemicals 'turn' corn, beans into ... coffee

Following the

Following the "oligarchs" that provide wholesale products to dirty coffee producers, we found the source of the chemical used in coffee preparation mainly from China, gathered at the 'chemical market'. Kim Bien, HCMC.

Mr. Nguyen TC (Bien Hoa, Dong Nai) affirmed that all chemicals made of dirty coffee are of Chinese origin . By many different paths, these chemicals are concentrated on Kim Bien Market (Ward 13, District 5, HCMC). Most of the 'unconscious' coffee makers come to this market to buy chemicals and flavorings. If buying in large quantities, regularly, the owner of coffee will be delivered by the 'heads'.

Picture 1 of Look for the chemicals 'turn' corn, beans into ... coffee

Picture 1 of Look for the chemicals 'turn' corn, beans into ... coffee

Cocoa powder is added to coffee powder to create odors

From Dong Nai, we went back to Ho Chi Minh City to come to the place where we sold chemicals that the owners often whispered to each other ' if there were no such substances, never corn meal or soy flour could' turn 'into. coffee is' . From the beginning of the market gate, kiosks specializing in selling chemicals and all kinds of aromas grow close to each other.

Having just entered the market gate, we do not need to ask, we have been offered and advertised by salespeople with a strong level of sticking. Most people come here to buy chemicals, additives, flavorings . for many different purposes but certainly mainly to serve the business without honesty.

Shops and kiosks are sold with all kinds of chemicals and flavorings with all kinds of labels and brands. Seeing us stand in front of the gate of Duc T. kiosk, the owner ran out to greet her. We looked at a long time to find the names of chemicals between the 'magic battle' of kiosks. The mistress seemed dissatisfied, shouting: 'What are you looking at? If police and market managers speak loudly. Don't be mean . '. When we heard that we introduced 2 guests 'under the province' to Saigon to buy chemicals to open a coffee production oven, the lady softened her voice, started advising on how to process coffee with cornstarch, soy . Learn from customers or buy additives here.

Ms. Thao said that anyone who wants to produce coffee with 'no coffee or less coffee' formula must buy chemicals named: CNC, caramel, milk, cocoa, coffee, industrial butter and sugar. learn, vanilla powder .

Picture 2 of Look for the chemicals 'turn' corn, beans into ... coffee

Picture 2 of Look for the chemicals 'turn' corn, beans into ... coffee

Caramel produces a natural bitter taste, color and taste

I asked: 'How much is it?' . Ms. Thao smiled, quickly explained: ' The CNC makes coffee glue. Make sure that when you put this substance into coffee when brewing, it will have a viscous adhesive that looks very eye-catching. Caramel produces flavor. Whatever kind of bitterness you want, every smell. As for this white powder, just give it a little while, the coffee cup is full of foam when stirring lightly . '.

The price of these chemicals is not 'soft' at all. Each type has a very specific price list. CNC and caramel products cost between VND 250,000-300,000 / liter. Sour milk 120,000 VND / kg, Chinese cocoa price 350,000 VND / kg, Chinese avocado (fat) cost only 50-60,000 VND / kg . Ask if there is any kind of Vietnam, Ms. Thao pointed right at indoor corner: 'There. Animal fat. Sheep fat. But the price is 270,000 VND / kg. This type of fat used for coffee drying is good but no one buys it. Loss of death . '.

On average, these shops will sell 10,000-30,000 dong less for each type of chemicals if customers buy wholesale and quantity. Usually the stalls sell out a bit more 'soft' than the stalls inside the market.

Picture 3 of Look for the chemicals 'turn' corn, beans into ... coffee

Picture 3 of Look for the chemicals 'turn' corn, beans into ... coffee

Essential milk coffee

In order to 'invite guests', Ms. Thao enthusiastically instructed us on how to use these chemicals appropriately. ' I just opened the oven, I haven't had much experience . After the corn and soybeans are pureed, I put some of this milk into it, the powder becomes smooth, fragrant and very nice. If you want coffee with a fragrant smell like premium, add this cocoa. When mixing, he added a little sugar to make sure that even though cornstarch, soybeans are burnt black, bitter, but when added, it will make the powder taste sweet and natural bitter. To make coffee more bold, mix some Rum into the corn flour to become the number one coffee '.

Picture 4 of Look for the chemicals 'turn' corn, beans into ... coffee

Picture 4 of Look for the chemicals 'turn' corn, beans into ... coffee

Industrial grease made in China to create the fatness for coffee

In addition to selling chemicals, many shops at Kim Bien market also sell sample packaging for coffee. Most are Trang Tu street (Ward 14, District 5). Here are designed dozens of extremely eye-catching, very beautiful packaging with enough different weights. Most small businesses often come here to pick up their goods. Sample packaging price is about 140,000 VND / kg. Normally, these stores only accept samples with a quantity of 5kg or more. After buying how many owners want to print their names on top, they just need to bring them to the store, then it is done .

Bring a lot of chemicals and aromas to make dirty coffee, but our hearts don't just feel confused. I suddenly remembered the saying of a coffee dispenser who was interested in Mr. Nguyen TC: 'Coffee farmers are less affluent, but large and small coffee companies are both rich!'.

In the afternoon of May 31, exchanging with People through the phone, Prof. Dr. Nguyen Cong Khan - Director of the Department of Food Safety and Hygiene - Ministry of Health - said that now there are too many types of chemicals that cannot remember all names. and use. It is not necessary for food and beverage producers such as coffee to abuse chemicals.

In food processing technology, there are many technologies and technologies developed and improved every day. However, there are two general principles, 'immobility' in food processing, drinks to comply with are: all substances added such as coloring, foaming, aroma . must be approved by Ministry of Health. Any substance that is not allowed is not allowed. All products must announce content, product standards on labels and packaging .

An expert in the food industry said that caramel, if produced from burning sugar, also produces toxic substances that cause cancer like other burned foods. CNC substance, if used in industry, is likely to cause cancer because it contains many toxic impurities. Even the type used in food, if used overdose is also toxic.

For corn and soybeans, there is no nutritional value when roasted black. At the same time they will produce at least 20 types of toxic substances, including substances: heterocyclic amines, acrylamide, HCAs . are carcinogens for users.