'Love food' will be more expensive due to climate change

Chocolate prices may soar in the future due to global warming causing cocoa production to decline.

Chocolate is a sweet food known worldwide. It is considered that chocolate is a sweet gift, expressing love.

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A study of cocoa plantations in Ivory Coast and Ghana - two countries that provide about half of the world's cocoa production - shows if the global average temperature increased by 2.3 degrees during the period Between now and 2050, the average high production may drop by half, The Economic Times reported.

Peter Laderach, a researcher at the International Center for Agriculture - Tropical in Colombia, said: "Chocolate will definitely be much more expensive if demand increases while cocoa production is decreasing due to variable This situation can make chocolate gradually become a luxury product ".

Cocoa is grown in West Africa region due to suitable climate and soil conditions. Cool climate is an ideal condition for cocoa to thrive. However, it is difficult to bring cocoa trees to high ground - where weather is more favorable - because the West African terrain is quite flat.

In addition to chocolate, some other products will also become more expensive due to climate change as French wine and Italian pasta.