Mark on Mars for $ 5

The naming of places on the surface of the red planet is no longer a work exclusively for astronomers .

Picture 1 of Mark on Mars for $ 5

Beginning in the middle of this week, anyone with an internet connection can join the campaign to name about 500,000 Mars impact craters, according to the planet mapping project done by Uwingu Company.'This is the first human map on Mars, and anyone can contribute , ' quoted Uwingu CEO Alan Stern, former NASA science director and mission leader New Horizons. . Of course, putting your own mark on the red planet is not a free thing.

The minimum size of the impact hole is 5 USD and the additional charge is along with the diameter of the hole. Uwingu will use the proceeds, expected to be more than $ 10 million if all the craters on the Martian surface are named, to cover space exploration, research and education projects.

Mr. Stern hopes to complete this project later this year.