Memoto - Record every moment of life

Seeing the growing demand from the lifelogger community - who love to capture life's moments with digital devices, technology makers have come up with mini-cameras that can automatically take pictures and Continuously updated on the user's personal page.

Picture 1 of Memoto - Record every moment of life

Picture 2 of Memoto - Record every moment of life
Camera Memoto is very compact and can be worn on the collar when used. (Photo: Daily Mail)

The latest and most noticeable launch in the lifelogger community is the compact Memoto camera manufactured by a Swedish company. With the same stamp size and no button, Memoto can automatically capture images every 30 seconds when worn on the collar and only stops when you remove it. These photos are then posted to the owner's social networking account Facebook or Twitter as they charge the device. The information included will include shooting locations and dates, which allow the owner easy to find and share with friends.

But as security and privacy experts warn users may be in trouble, such as catching the attention of criminals, it's easy to reveal too much information. myself in such ways.

Memoto will be available in 2013 at a price of £ 173 (over 5.8 million).