Mo Mo found a meteorite pattern on Mars

For the first time, NASA's "Curiosity" robot found a meteorite pattern on Mars after two years of hard work on it.

This meteorite is called Lebanon , quite heavy and has a shiny surface. The width of meteorite is about 2m, the main component is iron. This meteorite pattern helps scientists answer the question of why most meteorites on the Red planet are rich in iron.

Picture 1 of Mo Mo found a meteorite pattern on Mars

Picture 1 of Mo Mo found a meteorite pattern on Mars

The image is provided by the Curious robot about the Lebanese meteorite found on Mars, next to the smaller meteorite called Lebanon B - (Photo: Daily Mail)

NASA spokesman Guy Webster said: 'We and the Moot robot have found the iron meteorite pattern on Mars, which is a massive meteorite.'

Pictures taken from Mo Mo robot also show a small cosmic rock located nearby, called 'Lebanon B' . In addition, Mr. Webster added that a third meteorite, about 2 meters wide, is close to the Lebanese meteorite. But that image has not yet revealed.

Part of the surface of the Lebanese meteorite has broken corners, similar to those taken from the previous Spirit and Opportunity probe.

NASA said the cause of the broken corners on the meteorite surface could be due to erosion along the boundary throughout the metal of the meteorite . Or maybe those holes contain olivine crystals - minerals commonly found in rare iron-containing meteorites called pallasites .