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What the Samsung Galaxy S8 means for the Note 8

Commentary: Curved screens, Bixby AI and support for future-looking LTE -- can the Note 8 bring anything more than the stylus? I think so.

Samsung Galaxy S8 hits launch snag with Bixby voice assistant

While the global version will include the key feature from the get-go, phones coming to the US and UK will have to wait a little longer.

How to switch from iPhone to Samsung

Does the new Samsung Galaxy S8 have you thinking about making the switch? If so, make sure your data comes with you.

Galaxy S8's Bixby delayed, but do you care? (The 3:59, Ep. 209)

Fitbit's smartwatch might also be delayed and Amazon lets you spy on your kids' viewing habits.

Gigabit LTE: Crazy-fast wireless speeds, explained

Ludicrous wireless speeds are coming -- way before 5G.

10 tips and tricks for Apple's new Clips app

Apple's newest video editing app is full of emoji, stickers and filters. Here's what you need to know.

This iPhone 8 concept won't forget the iPhone's roots

iPhone fans get a new set of renders to get excited about, even if they aren't real.

Get a year of Everlance mileage and expense tracking for $29.99

Everlance Premium, a Cheapskate-recommended app, normally costs $60 per year. Plus: a totally free sci-fi strategy game!

Here's everything that's included with T-Mobile One

The carrier continues to pile on the freebies. But are they enough to warrant a switch?

Get a Motorola Moto G5 Plus smartphone for $184.99

What? There's already a sale on this brand-new unlocked phone? Sign me up! Plus: Remember desktop publishing? It's back, and it's dirt-cheap.

Galaxy S8 may arrive early for T-Mobile customers

T-Mobile is telling customers preordering Samsung's Galaxy S8 that it will ship the phones two days before they hit shelves, according to a report.

How to watch the Masters 2017

One of the biggest golf tournaments of the year is about to tee off. Here's how to make sure you can watch every hole.

Samsung Bixby: 7 things to know about the Galaxy S8 assistant

Samsung's new personal assistant makes its debut on the Galaxy S8. Let's take a look at what it can -- and can't -- do.

Live Location tells your FB Messenger friends 'I'm here, come find me'

Meeting up with a friend and want them to know how to get to you? Facebook Messenger has a button for that.

Gmail just got its own Venmo feature

Now you can remind your friends they still owe you for dinner.

Use LastPass? Update now to protect your passwords (explainer)

The password manager patches a major security flaw that could have let hackers steal your passwords and manipulate your LastPass account.

How to force install final iOS 10.3 for beta participants

If you took part in the iOS 10.3 beta program, you'll need to take a few extra steps to get the final version installed.

How Assistant differs on Android, Android Wear, Google Home and Allo

You can now access Google Assistant from many different places. But where and how you access Assistant will determine what you can do with it.

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