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by Rick Broida April 12, 2017 6:27 AM PDT @cheapskateblog

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Cheeps! This is a rerun, but my favorite kind: a rerun with a lower price -- though not so much lower that you'll feel bad if you purchased it last time.

If your work life involves tracking miles or expenses, you know what a hassle that tracking can be. But it's critical, because when it comes time to pay taxes, you need detailed, IRS-friendly reports.

Old way: Keep paper logs of odometer readings and shoeboxes of receipts, then manually transcribe all that stuff into an expense report, spreadsheet and, eventually, tax return. Barf. It's times like those when you start asking yourself deep, meaningful questions about how your life turned out.

New way: Use an app like Everlance. It automatically detects when you're driving, automatically classifies trips, connects with your bank for effortless expense-tracking and generates IRS-ready reports. In short, it makes expense- and mileage-tracking ridiculously simple. I'm a user and a fan.

A subscription normally runs $60 per year, but for a limited time you can score a one-year Everlance Premium subscription for $29.99. That's a tax-deductible expense, by the way.

As I've noted before, you might be able to get by with the free version. It will automatically track up to 30 trips per month and let you manually record expenses.

But Premium affords unlimited tracking, advanced PDF reporting and higher-tier tech support. Better still, it offers the aforementioned bank and credit-card integration, so classifying business-related stuff is as simple as swiping each autopopulated transaction. Everlance is also directly compatible with H&R Block, should that be your tax-filing service of choice.

This is so worth $30. Whether you're a business owner, an independent contractor, a real-estate agent, a photographer or some other kind of entrepreneur, Everlance solves two of your biggest hassles: mileage tracking and expense tracking.

I find the tool indispensable. Your mileage may vary. Heh.

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