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How to set up an Android phone for your kid

Parents can test Google's new Family Link app, which makes Android phones safer and more secure for kids.

You can live-stream 360 video on Facebook. Here's how

As long as you have a compatible camera, it's easy to go live in 360.

​iOS 10.3: The best new features to try out

Apple just released the last major iOS 10 update before iOS 11. It has some useful upgrades to the Settings menu and Maps app on your iPhone or iPad.

How to preorder the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus

Everything you need to know about buying Samsung's new phones.

iOS 10.3 tells you when it's time to delete an app

Apple is applying pressure on developers to update apps, starting with the good ol' name and shame technique.

How to back up your iPhone before installing iOS 10.3

Although it's not likely you'll run into trouble with the new OS, better safe than sorry. Here's a quick refresher on manually backing up your data.

5 iPhone navigation apps better than Apple Maps

Apple Maps is good, but these apps might be better.

10 tips and tricks to get the most out of Samsung Health

Samsung Health is your one-stop shop for fitness tracking.

​Parent tips: How to use your phone to control your Nintendo Switch

Here's how to set up parental controls on your phone, set up timers and even cut off your kids from playing.

Apple Pay to rule over Samsung, Android rivals, study says

When it comes to contactless payments, a new study from Juniper Research forecasts Apple well ahead of Google and Samsung over the next 4 years.

Google Duo brings audio calling feature worldwide

If you have a bad hair day, you won't be forced to show your face on a call.

Get totally free phone service and messaging

You bring the unlocked GSM phone, Freedompop will give you a small stipend of no-strings-attached service every month.

Qualcomm fires back at Apple lawsuit, makes claims of its own

The chipmaker asks for unspecified damages and says Apple purposely hobbled Qualcomm's chips to make the performance match those from Intel.

BlackBerry wins something for once: $815M from Qualcomm

It's due for a big refund on royalties it paid Qualcomm, a binding decision that the chipmaker says won't affect a similar case with Apple.

5 great phones with QWERTY keyboards (roundup)

Touchscreens are great, but if you enjoy the tactile efficiency of physical buttons, take a look at some phones with solid QWERTY keyboards.

LG G6: 7 camera tricks you have to check out

LG's G6 flagship has a number of new camera features that'll keep you snapping, shooting and Instagramming all day.

Facebook Messenger Day: Tips for using the newest Snapchat clone

Snapchat is experiencing a real attack of the clones -- this time by Facebook.

See how the Galaxy S8 might measure up to iPhone and Pixel

Thanks to OnLeaks, we may have an early size comparison.

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